Some recent progress on stream population dynamics



主讲人:周鹏,上海交通大学博士。曾获上海交通大学2013年度第一批优秀博士学位论文培育基金,博士研究生国家奖学金。曾担任 Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Journal of Differential Equations 等国际一流期刊审稿人。



The biological phenomena "drift paradox" has been recognized and studied for more than half of a century, and one of the notable resolutions is that sufficient random movements can balance the biased movements caused by water flow, suggested by Speirs and Gurney. However, mathematical developments in this area are very slow. In this talk, we want to introduce some new progress in this direction. Based on some simple reaction-diffusion-advection models, we will reveal which dispersal strategy will help the species to better survive in an advective environment.





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